Tantric massage

Tantric massage in Kiev

One of the most relaxing types of erotic massage Kiev is the erotic tantra massage, which has become known since it began to be used in Indian yoga. What is the difference between this massage and the usual massage procedure? First of all – feelings, because it is used as part of a love game: contact with a partner and sensitivity of touch – that’s what tantra means. And this is exactly the case when the muscles of the body are most relaxed, but at the same time, the sensations are exacerbated to the limit. Tenderness of the hands and light touches excites every cell of your body. Under the gentle caresses of female forms you will get real “volcanic” sensations.

Tantric massage is performed by a naked girl in an exotic setting, where fragrant fragrances of sandalwood and jasmine are felt, light easterly rhythms are heard. All this fills your body with feelings of relaxedness, peace and eternal flight. The girl massages her whole body with her sweet forms, starting from the back and chest, finishing with a massage of hands, feet and genitals.

This session occurs in three stages, each of which brings more pleasant and unforgettable sensations. First you will be led to the shower, in order to wash your body and prepare it for caresses. But in the shower you will not be alone, but already with your naked masseuse. The touch of her feminine roundnesses will more arrange you for further procedures.

Then the girl will make a classic massage on her back to relieve the tension of the muscles of the body. Tantra massage is not possible without this procedure, as tension and intolerant arousal will still be present in the body. Therefore, to facilitate your sexual desire will be a pleasant classic form of massage, which will cause blood to circulate all over the back, getting into all parts of the neck and head.

And only then comes the stage, on which the masseuses begin abundant and smooth caresses. Elastic breasts and buttocks glide over your body like warm drops. You will feel all the tenderness of the female body on your back. The peculiarity of this erotic massage Kiev is that you can touch almost all the places. Some of them are taboo for the usual types of massage, however, they require the greatest impact. It can be auricles, abdomen, pelvis, prostate. As you can see, with the help of tantric massage your youth remains, and the healing effect also takes place.

The whole range of feelings allows you to feel the tantric massage, when the long slowness and subtlety of touch brings you to complete sexual arousal, and sometimes even a sweet orgasm. You not only remove fatigue, but also forget about all worries and anxieties. And enjoyment and relaxation will add your body with new forces and endless energy.

That is why tantric massage Kiev «Secret Room» presents an opportunity to discover a new kind of massage. In addition, erotic massage has long become a favorite among customers. We propose to postpone all doubts and enjoy a real journey into the world of awakening sexual sensations away from the hustle and bustle. A fantastic world of eroticism and temptation is available at any time in our salon, and our masseuse girls will spend with you an unforgettable session of relaxation and exhaustion.

Let your life not be ordinary and boring. We want you to be filled with only positive and joyful feelings that bring health benefits and want you to be always young and beautiful! If you have not tried tantric massage, Kiev is the place where, putting off all the complexes, you will plunge into the sweetness of these unforgettable sensations.