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Salon “Secret Room” does not provide sexual services.

How often you arrange yourself a day of hedonism? Small existential respite, when all the problems are left beyond consciousness, and you just close your eyes and surrender yourself to the pleasure? It’s time to find out what the best erotic massage in Kiev hides.
Stop yourself from losing strength in the everyday race. Take a break and come back to the massage salon to give yourself a subtle delight.

What types of services our erotic salon provides?

“Faraon” — is a territory of endless enjoyment, that is why you have all kinds of the massage pleasures in your disposal:
– incredible body-massage from one or two girls,
– classic relaxation,
– erotic Thai massage,
– soft foot massage.
Special gourmet are granted to be the real king in the exciting and multifaceted VIP-massage.
Do you want to learn all the secrets of tactile caresses and charm your darling with your own hands? Sign up for our courses, where you will be taught to use different methodic of a fantastic erotic massage Kiev.
By the way, erotic massage is a great present for your friends and beloved. Everyone who appreciates sensitive cares will be pleased to receive massage as a gift with certificate.
Erotic massage salon “Faraon” – welcome to paradise.
Body massage is about getting pleasure and relaxation without intimacy. In elite salons, there are certain rules of customer behavior. If the client does not follow all the rules, he may end up on a black list, which will forever close the door to a certain salon.
The most sensitive places on a man’s body are the nipples, knees, buttocks, inner thighs, lower abdomen, and other individual places. The masseuse uses her hands to stimulate the touch. Thanks to this, the client relaxes and enjoys the touch.
Body massage is often associated with intimacy, some clients assume that they will receive sexual services for an additional fee, but Body massage is not intimacy, it is a different kind of pleasure. He is also very pleasant and possibly exotic.
Body massage at home, with your girlfriend undoubtedly leads to intimate relationships, but in the salon you will be met by professionals who know how to please with movements and touches.
The massage is performed by a nude masseuse, if the client wishes, it can be several masseuses at once. The client must also be completely nude. The massage is performed by touching the hands, buttocks, breasts and other parts of the naked body.
Body massage is not a visit to an intimate salon, there is no intimacy, despite the fact that the client reaches the highest point of pleasure.
There is quiet music, pleasant atmosphere, subdued light and the scent of aroma lamps. The client looks at a naked beauty who touches his body with stimulating movements.
The client looks at the girl, at the movement of her body, arms, chest. Some types of erotic massage include such services as light nibbling, kissing, touching the tongue on the body, while not touching the intimate area.
All types of erotic massage include a classic relaxing massage for the whole body. In this case, there is a relaxation of the body over the body with an ending, but without intimacy.
Depending on the type of massage, it is possible to receive two endings or any additional services that do not include sex.