All kinds of skilful massage performed by beautiful girls in Faraon

Salon of erotic massage

It is difficult to find such a person who refuses the pleasure of a quality massage done. If until now you’ve never tried anything like this, then it’s time to bring something new into your life. You just like it. And if you trust your body to the beautiful girls of the Faraon, you will immediately get a few pleasures in one.
What is required of you? Just come to visit us and decide what beauty to entrust your skin, muscles and thoughts. You will need to completely relax. And if this creates difficulties, then ladies in flying lace clothes will help overcome stiffness and complexes. What can be more beautiful than the sensual curves of a female body? The answer is obvious.
Before you give yourself up to the care of long fingers and the skilled hands of a masseuse, decide what type of massage you would like to try. Undoubtedly, to limit yourself or in something to refuse is not worth it. But with something it is necessary to begin.
It is important to know that every kind of massage is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for health. There is no unique classification of massage effects on the body. Different species can be combined together or complemented by each other. As for the services of our massage parlor, you can tell us more about our procedures.
If you came to us, you can try on yourself:
• Classic (basic) massage;
• Thai massage (shiatsu);
• Thai healing massage;
• Erotic massage;
• Tantra-massage;
• massage for women or for men;
• Massage for couples.
Let’s take a closer look, than the Club of Eve will be able to please you and even surprise you.
Speaking of a basic massage, we mean the simplest kind of massage, aimed at relaxing the body and removing the accumulated fatigue. This procedure can be independent, and can become for you a preparatory stage to another type of massage. Our girls will spend grinding, kneading and stroking with the highest professionalism. Your right to receive such a erotic massage Kiev on the whole body or locally – on separate sites. This procedure will help not only to forget about fatigue, but also to restore hormonal balance, blood circulation and oxygenation of cells.
Shiatsu massage is one of the most popular types of massage from the east. Fingers and palms of our attractive masseuses will exercise moderate pressure on the necessary areas of the body. The result will be the establishment of energy flows and the restoration of the body’s balance.
Healing Thai massage at such a high professional level is not carried out everywhere. But the Eva Club girls are not for nothing so popular and famous for their skills. Tapping, twisting, stretching and pressing, which will be applied to your body in a delicate and pleasant form, will help the body literally be reborn. Some painful sensations with this effect are normal. And they will be completely leveled by the sight of the enchanting figures of our sorceresses.
Tantra-massage will help to achieve harmony of body and spirit. Perform it with the help of a female body. The extravaganza of new sensations and explosions of delight is difficult to describe. It is only necessary to feel it on yourself.
Massage for couples will help two people survive an exciting erotic adventure and solve even the oldest problems in intimate life.
Forget about the complexes, leave the alarms behind the threshold of our massage parlor, enter our temple of pleasures and receive unearthly pleasure. Using our site, you can choose a masseuse, procedure and time in advance. The elite level massage parlor Faraon and our luxurious ladies will be your quiet haven in the turmoil of days.