Classic massage

Classical massage is an effective way to relax, relieve accumulated physical and mental fatigue, improve well-being, increase tonus and activate performance.

The gentle massage therapist of the Faraon salon rubs, kneads, strokes, and vibrates your entire body with strong, confident finger movements. This warms up the muscles and accelerates blood. You feel the pain and swelling in tired muscles disappear, your ligaments and joints strengthen, the process of restoring injured tissues accelerates, and sexual function normalizes.

Classical massage has a healing effect not only on the central nervous system, skin, muscles, blood vessels, joints and glands, but also on the whole body.

During the session, you relax as much as possible, surrender to the gracious healing pain, trust the young masseuse your entire body. Your body is happy to respond to the strong movements of experienced female hands. You forget about worries, everyday worries, unfulfilled plans, fussy everyday life.

You feel how your body comes to life: unrestrained healthy energy fills every cell of your nature.

The masseuse as your sensitive partner uncompromisingly fights against the fatigue of your body: capturing your anxiety, she makes you free from her with energetic movements.

At the end of the session you may be overcome with a deep sleep, do not resist its persistent affection. Completely relaxed, breathing in the aroma of oriental herbs and catching the calm flickering of burning candles, you feel that amazing heady pacification that your body so often lacks in everyday worries.

Order the “Heady Peacefulness” service in the Faraon salon and indulge in healthy healthy peace.