1. Body massage (30 min.)450 UAH

2. Body massage (60 min.)600 UAH

3. Body massage (90 min.)900 UAH

4. “Mag” – Thai full body massage + classic massage + erotic massage + joint shower with relaxation for 1.5 hours 1200 UAH (with two girls – 1800)

5. “Strawberry Mousse” – Erotic + classic + aqua-gel massage + mutual touches + strawberries with cream 1.5 hours 1500 UAH, with two 2200.

6. “Orange Paradise” – Erotic + classical + aqua-gel massage + mutual touches + massage with warm oranges for 1.5 hours = 1500 UAH, 2 girls – 2200 UAH.

7. “Role-Playing Games” – Private dance in a suit + communication in a game manner + relaxing massage + erotic massage + mutual touches + aqua-gel massage 1.5 hours = 1500, 2 girls – 2200 UAH.

8. “Super Vip” – aqua-gel massage + private dance + erotic massage + touches + classical massage + mutual kisses on the body + erotic massage + massage of the lingam. Bonus – champagne candy and fruit 2.5 hours – 2500 UAH, 2 girls – 3500 UAH.

Additional program and Prices:

1. Touching200 UAH
2. Joint shower with a relax of 200 UAH
3. Dao caresses200 UAH
4. Strip the girl200 UAH
5. Sakura branch (feathers)200 UAH
6. Private dance – 200 UAH
7. Reciprocal kisses on the body200 UAH
8. Foot fetish200 UAH
9. Pip – show300 UAH
10. Massage for a master girl400 UAH
11. Sounds of passion200 UAH
12. Head massage150 UAH
13. Order master weekend5000 UAH.

The main goal of an erotic massage

The main goal of an erotic massage is to deliver a sensual pleasure to the client. However, these procedures are accompanied by additional pleasant moments, consisting in relaxation of muscles, removal of muscle clamps. Modern people, leading a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from hypodynamia. During the massage procedures the client’s body relaxes, the clamped nerve endings are released, the body begins to function more balanced. After our sessions you not only get an intimate detente, but also feel a surge of strength and vivacity.

Our employees, conducting erotic massage sessions for men, use elements of healing Thai massage, which activates the energy centers of the body, thereby stimulating the functioning of the reproductive organs. Erotic massage Kiev is not just the satisfaction of physiological needs, but also the overall improvement of the body, the ability to relieve physical and psychological stress. After a session of eromassage, our patients improve the functioning of the pelvic organs. Many men, after contacting us, note an improvement in potency. The procedure of sexual massage is useful for women who claim that after eromassage they start to have fun faster, having sex. Intimate massage is a delicate, completely confidential service. About your visit to our salon will know only you and the girl who makes you a massage. Our system does not have a video surveillance system. The work of our salon is planned in such a way that our customers do not intersect with each other. Having come to our session, you will not meet other visitors in the corridor. The administration of the salon strictly monitors that the girls do not discuss the clients and do not share any professional information. If you want to enjoy sensual erotic massage, visit our «Faraon» salon in the center of Kiev. Allow yourself to experience the previously unknown erotic sensations — this will give you the opportunity to relieve tension and make the subsequent sex life more diverse.